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How to use whatsapp as an Assistant


How to Use WhatsApp As Search Engine/Assistant

How to use whatsapp as search engine

Hi guys as everyone know whatsapp is king of instant messaging apps, no matter how many competitors growing every day, whatsapp still famous among people. Google allo is fresh competitor, having lots of new feature. One of the most attractive features is Google assistant which can do many things for you like hotel booking, Goolge searching etc. So I thought, let’s add a new feature on whatsapp, without adding any extra app/software on your phone. Do you know you can use whatsapp as search engine or as your assistant? It’s time to make your whatsapp app as an assistant. This method is very short and simple, no technical detail required. Let’s see how it works?

How To Activate WhatsApp Search Engine Bot On Your Phone?

Step 1.  I don’t need to say that whatsapp must be installed in your phone. First create a new contact with any name using this number “8015984514”
How to use whatsapp as search engine trick image
Step 2. Open whatsapp and create a “New group” using this number. Name this group with Assistant or Search Engine. Since it is your private assistant so don’t add other people on this group.
How to use whatsapp as search engine trick image

How to use whatsapp as search engine trick image
Step 3. Once the group has been created, your Search engine/assistant is ready. You will also receive a detail message from assistant.
 How to Search: Now you just need to search for your queries in the Group itself simply enter the message “Search (Your Topic) and then hit the send button.
You can also use following codes to improve your search result.


·     For Wikipedia information, type Wiki SEARCHTERM and send to the group.
·   To join the English news channel, type +NEWS and send it to the group (To unsubscribe type -NEWS )
·   You can know the meaning of a word, type +DICT WORD.
·    To join Football or Cricket channel, type +CRICKET or +FOOTBALL.
·   To play a GK quiz, simply send +GK to the group.
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How to get Fake +63 Whatsapp number ?

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How to get free +63 Whatsapp number ?

How to get free +63 Whatsapp number

Greeting to may all friends,
I think you must ever join a Hacking group in whatsapp, then you must notice that there are some members having different mobile number such as +63*********. In simple words those are Indian whatsapp user using +63 whatsapp number or +63 as their country code. Many of you know how this done, so this article is only for beginners.You are not bounded to use this trick only for whatsapp, you can also use this trick for hike, line or for other social apps.

How To Schedule Whatsapp Messages On Android?

Numerous of you will agitate to know that you can schedule your WhatsApp message to address them later by just setting the timing to send the message. In this post, I will tell you the process to do so. Whatsapp is an enormous messaging network and is very much prominent worldwide.

How to Add 1000 Members in Whatsapp Group?

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Hello Friends,
Check out this new WhatsApp Hacking trick by using this trick you can add unlimited number of user or member to WhatsApp Group .

How to Add 1000 Members in Whatsapp Group

Requirement :

1. Latest WhatsApp Installed
2. Rooted Access.
3. Root Enable ES File Explorer 

if you complete above requirement then just follow the steps and break the whatsapp group limit .

Step 1 : Open ES File Explore . Make You sure that root access is on .

Step 2 : Open the Following Directory and Edit the WhatsApp_Preferences.

Path of Directory : data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/

Step 3 : Edit the WhatsApp_Preferences.xml File using the Editor.

Once you reach the above mentioned location, what you have to do is modify the WhatsApp_Prefrences.xmlfile, Below is the part of the file which you will have to modify so that you can add more than the existingwhatsapp group limit. Look for

“int name=”participants_size_limit” value=”100″ and replace the 100 by the maximum number of members/participants you would like to have in your Group, Here I’ve replaced by 1000 because I want 1000 members in the WhatsApp Group, You can keep the number depending on your needs. After changing it, save the file and close it.

Step 4 : Restart the device .

Step 5: Open the WhatsApp and create new group and add members, you will see that the member limit is 1000 maximum participants .
See the Proof:

unseen whatsapp trick 2016

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Everyone want to impress  their friend, even she is your girlfriend or crush. whatsapp is popular app so why you don't try this app to impress your friend. For example if you send a message in different fonts or send them funny sticker. Really it will make you cool in front of them. Them must ask how you do that?

Set WhatsApp Profile Picture without Cropping

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One of the worst thing we don’t like about WhatsApp is cropping our profile pictures. Not only WhatsApp but Instagram, Hike and google plus also forces us to crop our profile picture while uploading. 
 we have a perfect solution which adds some background in the image to make it square. And the best part is you can choose the color of the background, add custom patterns or blur it.

Note>>This method not only works for WhatsApp but you can use it on any social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Hike, google plus to avoid cropping of your profile picture.

Set WhatsApp Profile Picture without Cropping On Android

First download app: Download NoCrop Here.

  • After you found it, install it on your device.
  • Launch NoCrop and tap on gallery.

  • Now select a picture which you want to use as your WhatsApp Profile Picture.

  • Now you have multiple choices to choose background color or patterns, The first one will add white background. If you want to set some custom color then you can select the second button. I usually select blur (third one) as it looks good.

  • If you scroll on the right side then you can have varieties of different patterns and designs. You can experiment with these and find the one which suits you.
  • Tap on the share icon on the top right corner and select Save. The picture will be automatically saved to your gallery.
  • Now open WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook and set your profile picture without cropping.