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Freecharge carding method 2017


Freecharge carding trick

Freecharge carding method 2017

Hi guys, cardings are all about using vulnerabilities for your profit. Today I will tell you, how you can card freecharge with the help of Snapdeal. I think everyone know that spandeal partnered with freecharge and Snapdeal refund in freecharge. This all knowledge is the base of our carding tutorial.
This is not direct freecharge carding instead with the help of snapdeal but we can say it is freecharge carding. If you are new in carding or want to know more detail of carding read here.

  Why freecharge carding?

Freecharge carding trick

 As I’ve already posted so many tutorial of carding, so why we are now going with freecharge. Actually carding freechage is much easier than other, this is not only the reason to card freecharge but there are many other useful features of Freecharge. Following are some benefits of using Freecharge.

·        As a wallet
·        Transferable to Bank account
·        Whatsapp payments
·        Split bill options
·        Chat and pay

Freechage is also used at over 10000+ online and offline sites such as café coffee day, Bookmyshow, Mcdonald’s and snapdeal etc, so you can later use freecharge for shopping too.

Freecharge wallet carding tutorial

Freecharge carding trick latest

As i already mention above that freechage and snapeal are partner. It is not only reason of choosing snapdeal, snapdeal provide refund when customers cancel their order. So we are going use these feature of snapdeal as follow.

1. First you need to place an order and pay with card i.e snapdeal carding.

2. After carding Snapdeal product, just cancel the order.

Freecharge wallet carding

3. You would get a message of your cancellation reasons. Just write any obvious reason like delay in delivery. After that they ask for refund in Freecharge. Just say Yes.

4 You will get full of your money on Freecharge
Now you can use freecharge for recharges, bills, shopping or simply transfer this money to your bank account.

Freecharge wallet carding  image

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Myntra Carding Method 2016


Myntra Carding Tutorial

Myntra carding method 2016

Hi guys, I am back with new Myntra carding tutorial.  
I already shared many working carding tutorials for beginner such as paytm carding, aliexpresscarding, bookmyshow carding, Google wallet carding etc. The one I left is Myntra, so today you will know how to card or myntra carding method. Carding Myntra is not so hard, you just need some basic knowledge of carding, a credit card and myntra carding method.

Step by step Myntra Carding Tutorial

Step 1: Firs connect socks with the country where from your credit card belongs. If you are not sure about sock, rdp and hacked credit card, learn here.

Step 2: Go to Myntra, if you are new you may need to register. After successful registration, select any product less than 5,000 Rs.

Step 3: Now move to check out section. Here select Credit/Debit Card Purchase. Here you need your purchased or hacked credit card. You can buy credit card from these sites.

Step 4: When you will be moved to payment section, you might be asked to registration, click on register later.

Step 5: Your order is successfully done.

Step 6: You can also get cash on your account. Got to “my orders” and cancel your order to get refund. You will get refund instantly at “My Cashback Point”.

Myntra carding method 2016 image

Remember some points should remember in myntra carding:
                     One credit card limit is 4999rs only, so always select product of cost less than 5,000.
                     You can use more than one credit card to add extra cash. Using two credit cards you will be able to add up to 40,000 cash back points.

Don’t forget to read howto become black hat pro carder

Bookmyshow carding method 2016


Bookmyshow carding Trick

Bookmyshow carding method

After successful series of carding tutorials such as paytm carding, aliexpress carding, Google wallet carding. So i thought to share new tutorial how to card bookmyshow. Bookmyshow is entertainment website which sells online cinema ticket. 

Carding bookmyshow means we are going to add money to our bookmyshow account.
This method (how to card bookmyshow) is very simple; you need some basic knowledge of carding and a card. If you are new in carding, firs read what is carding and how to card.
You can also can either buy cc (credit card) or hackcc using havij.

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 Bookmyshow carding

1. First you need an account on Bookmyshow. Create a new account on Bookmyshow.

2. Then go to wallet section and click on add money to wallet.

3. Now you need a card. Use a Non VBV Amex. Working bins are 379710, 371550. You can also choose any random non vbv.

4. Now times to add money. In first time you should add 1000 INR (India Rupee).
 In second time add same amount of 1000rs. But in third time you should add 500rs.

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Bookmyshow carding trick

Why we adding money in three step or why only three times? Because we can add only 3 times money from one amex card.
Now you have successfully card Bookmyshow. 

This method is working yet. If you find any issue in this method, please comment freely. We will update or share a new method.

Google wallet carding 2016


Google Wallet Carding Method

google wallet carding method

Hi guys,
Let's continue our series of carding tutorials. Yet, I have discussed what is carding; trusted site to buy cheap cc, AliExpress carding and PayTM carding. Today I will show you how you can card Google wallet with simple step. This is really method even a beginner can also start carding with this method. Let’s see how it can be done.


·        Google wallet account

·        Credit card (cc) Buy cheap cc here

·        Bin (Given at the end of the tutorial)

aliexpress carding tutorial and bin


Alixpress carding Method 2016

 aliexpress carding tut image

Hi guys, thank you so much for your support. You supported my all carding tutorials like paytmcarding, how to get free credit cardand how to become a pro carder. So I thought to share some more carding tutorials. Today I am sharing how to card AliExpress. AliExpress known for its Chinese stuff but you also get some good stuff at low price. Sell them if you find them useless.

 Do you really think I will write any warning like this is only for educational purpose blah blah… Learn it, use it and never get caught.

Basic Requirements for AliExpress carding

·         RDP from UK
·         Buy a Credit Card Full Info (recommended UK cc). Here is the list of trusted site to buy credit card incheap price.
·         Secure drop to get your order.

Step by step AliExpress carding tutorial 

1 First get good UK RDP. If you don’t know what RDP is, read basic guide of carding.

2 Now you need to login to your RDP via Remote Desktop Connection.

Patym carding Trick 2016


Paytm carding Tutorial and Paytm Bin


Hi guys, I told you almost everything in carding, we begin from what is carding, how to hack cc and also some websites were mentioned where you can buy cc. Today I am sharing an old trick, how to paytm carding method? Before I tell you this trick, i want to share secrete with you that is you can do anything with a cc, two thing you need one creative mind and second security. So next time to create some your trick, and share with us J
Now let continue with paytm carding method 2016.

How to check balance of credit card online


Check balance of credit card

check balance of hack cc 

There are many cases when we hack a credit card or buy a credit card, but we want to know the balance of credit card. If you don't buy a cc or searching for site try this list. We can’t directly use some standard method to check balance of cc, since we are not owner of this cc. Today I will share a simple trick to check balance of credit card.

Best site to buy cc?


 Hi guys, i m getting a good response from you, mainly on carding tutorials. If you are new in carding please read my old post where i explain carding step by step. Carding is not very hard, you just need cc, socks and method, sometime bins. People face the main problem of cc, they don't have any cc or they don't know which website is best to buy a cc. Actually you can also hack a cc using havij, already explained in my last tutorial, but those cc either dead. So today i m sharing a huge list of sites, where you can buy a cc. Here is the list, when you buy a cc is never expect that everyone will

Carding: How to get free credit card using Havij?


Carding: How to get free credit card using Havij?

Greeting to my all friends, recently I posted some tutorial on carding, but the major problem was cc. They don’t have cc to card, or they don’t know site where they can buy a cc. Today I am going to talk about how you can hack cc for shopping sites. Did I say from shopping sites? Yes! I said. Do you know that when anyone buys anything from a shopping site, he share is private information with that site like his credit card’s details, his dob etc. Many of sites from those shopping site are vulnerable means that are not protected enough to hide their client details. So today we are using this weakness to hack cc. Hope you get basic idea of this tutorial J.

Carding:How to Transfer Money to your account?



western union money carding image

If you don't about carding first read What is carding?

Basic Requirements to Card Western Union!

1) Fresh credit card

There is no wisdom to saying you don’t have a card for carding. You must need a credit card, actually full contain credit card like dob, SSN, MMN and other primary things.
This is the example of full contain cc. 

Carding:Credit card hacking full explain


Carding:Credit Card Hacking 

Carding image

I had posted some posts about credit card hacking or generally known as carding , but I never try to well explain them, I was really enough busy in posting tutorial instead of explaining the basic of carding . So today I am trying to give you a well intro to carding  as well as explaining all term related to carding. Please don’t be lazy! try to read all if you don’t want to be fooled by other in future.

How become Black Hat pro carder professional tips.

pro carding tricks image
Be a pro carder 

Everyone want to be earn money but in this time it can be in the form many forms like mobile, laptop, and any other expansive thing. Carding is best way to make unlimited money. There many free carding tricks are available in net but they never show basic and pro detail & tips. In this tutorial i will show you what necessary step should be taken before and after success of carding?

How to use SOCKS in Android phone for carding ?

I don't really remember how much time people ask questions about SOCKS my whatsapp chat fulled with this type of question like hey do you know how to use socks ? i wanna card but i cant use socks... that show they haven’t taken the time to learn what it is. So i think first of all i just create a tutorial then at the end of tutorial i gave a full introduction about S0cks. 

how to do carding?(Full explained)

lot of people and members on this forum dont know how to card, so i will do my best to explain basics of carding in this thread.

How to do Carding ?

Before we start please read what action should be required before carding ?
How to secure in carding? 

Note>> Hacking credit cards is an illegal act, this is only informational post and I am not responsible for any actions done by you after reading this tutorial. This post is for educational purposes only.
Lets start with some easy terms.



I think everyone know what is a credit card(cc),lets learn more about cc.
Credit cards are of two types :                                           

• Debit Card Credit Card: Debit means u have a sum of amount in it and u can use them.
2. Credit means u have a credit line limit like of $10000 and u can use them and by the end of month pay it to bank.

To use a credit card on internet u just not need cc number and expiry but u need many info like:
• First name
•last name
• City
• State
• Zip
• Country
• Phone
• CC number
• Expiry
• CVV2 ( this is 3 digit security code on backside after signature panel ). 

If you get that info you can use that to buy any thing on internet, like software license, porn site membership, proxy membership, or any thing (online services usually, like webhosting, domains).

If u want to make money through hacking then you need to be very lucky... you need to have a exact bank and bin to cash that credit card through ATM machines.

Let me explain how ?

First study some simple terms.

BINS = first 6 digit of every credit card is called " BIN " (for example cc number is : 4121638430101157 then its bin is " 412163 ")

Credit Card Hacking :

CC  can be hacked by two ways:
1. Credit Card Scams ( usually used for earning money , some times for shopping )

2. Shopadmin Hacking ( just for fun, knowledge, shopping on internet )

This method is used for testing the knowledge or for getting the credit card for shopping on internet, or for fun, or any way but not for cashing ( because this method don't give PIN - 4 digit passcode ) only gives cc numb , cvv2 and other basic info.

Shopadmins are of different companies, like: VP-ASP , X CART, etc. This tutorial is for hacking VP-ASP SHOP.

I hope u seen whenever u try to buy some thing on internet with cc, they show u a well programmed form, very secure. They are carts, like vp-asp xcarts. Specific sites are not hacked, but carts are hacked. Below I'm posting tutorial to hack VP ASP cart. 
Now every site which use that cart can be hacked, and through their *mdb file u can get their clients 'credit card details', and also login name and password of their admin area, and all other info of clients and comapny secrets.

Lets start: Shopadmin Hacking-

Type: VP-ASP Shopping CartVersion: 5.00

1. Go to google.com and type: VP-ASP Shopping Cart 5.002. You will find many websites with VP-ASP 5.00 cart software installed

Now let's go to the exploit..

The page will be like this: ****://***.victim.com/shop/shopdisplaycategories.asp
The exploit is: diag_dbtest.asp
Now you need to do this: ****://***.victim.com/shop/diag_dbtest.asp

A page will appear contain those:• xDatabase• shopping140• xDblocation• resx• xdatabasetypexEmailxEmail NamexEmailSubjectxEmailSy stemxEmailTypexOrdernumbe rExample:

The most important thing here is xDatabasexDatabase: shopping140

Ok, now the URL will be like this: ****://***.victim.com/shop/shopping140.mdb

If you didn't download the Database, try this while there is dblocation:xDblocationresxthe url will be: ****://***.victim.com/shop/resx/shopping140.mdb

Download the mdb file and you should be able to open it with any mdb file viewer, you should be able to find one at download.com, or use MS Office Access.
Inside you should be able to find credit card information, and you should even be able to find the admin username and password for the website.

The admin login page is usually located here: ****://***.victim.com/shop/shopadmin.asp

then try to find the admin login page and enter the default passwords which are:
Username: adminpassword: adminORUsername: vpasppassword: vpasp

2. Hacking Through Scams-

 In this method is you create a clone page(Phishing page).

Target its basically eBay.com or paypal.com for general credit cards.

How to get the emails of their (eBay)users?

Go to google.com and type "Email Harvestor" or any Email Spider and search for eBay Buyers and eBay Sellers and u will get long list. 

Well u create a clone page of ebay, and mail the list u create from spider with message, like "Your account has been hacked" or any reason that looks professional, and ask them to visit the link below and enter your info billing, and the scam page have programming when they enter their info it comes directly to your email.In the form page u have PIN required so u also get the PIN number through which u can cash through ATM ..

Now if u run ebay scam or paypal scam, its up to your luck who's your victim. A client of bank of america or of citibank or of region, its about luck, maybe u get cashable, may be u don't its just luck, nothing else.

Some Instructions:

1. Make sure your hosting remains up or the link in the email u will send, and when your victim emails visit it, it will show page cannot be displayed, and your plan will be failed.2. Hardest point is to find hosting which remains up in scam. even i don't find it easily, its very very hard part.3. Maybe u have contacts with someone who own hosting company and co locations or dedicated he can hide your scam in some of dedicated without restrictions.4. Finding a good email list (good means = actually users)5. Your mass mailing software land the emails in inbox of users.

That's all folks. Hope you will find this tutorial useful. And remember, hacking credit cards is an illegal act, this is only informational post and I am not responsible for any actions done by you after reading this tutorial.

How to get free Virtual credit card?


Dear friend i m going to post carding , 2 tutorial about carding will be post every day.
Before we start carding your should note some point that carding is illegal your may get punish for years.


1. You never ever, use card more then 1.5k, mainly because most cards, assuming mastercard/visa, don't have more then 1.5k in them, even if they do, credit card companies are usually called up before the transaction goes through, and the result is, your finished.

2. The second rules in carding, is the make sure you hide yourself well enough to make sure no one ever can find you. My personal recommendation is that you
use a proxy (socks is ideal, never use transparent). VPN is not really recommended, read below for more info. 

3. It is STRONGLY advised that you read the law in your country regarding cyber crimes, so you know what happens to you, incase you get caught, how to deal with the situation.

4. Use your brain when you card. Its simple, when you card, buy small items, don't buy big. Think about it, which nutcracker would hire a lawyer, run all over the world, chasing you just for a 150 USD package? The cost is of hiring a lawyer for a trial is already much more then his law. 

5. Which period of the month is it best to card at? For me, its the middle of every month. Simple, most CC owners, get their financial papers at the 1st of every month. I find a good date is 15-16-17

6. Do not buy anything that has to be delivered to your house. If you do, and the card gets reported, you will get in major trouble.
If you do decide to order something, send it to a neighbor, or someone who is out of town. I suggest purchasing overnight so you are not waiting and there's a chance someone comes home or whatever else.

7. The best items to buy online with any CC, is stuff that does not have to be delivered, such as VIP, site access, or other similar material. This works well because you cannot be traced to an address. However, if you continue to use the site, make sure you use a CGI or PHP proxy, which most sites, and forums will allow, just not to make the purchase.

8. Do not use your ISP's e-mail for any orders. Such as: carding@comcast.com

9. The key to using fraud CC's, is don't get caught. Don't open your big mouth about carding, if you do, good luck.

10. Do not create any payment gateway accounts with fraud CCs, it will alert the CC Owner due to many security processes and verification of the card, you will most likely FAIL to complete it, and the card owner will be notified.

11. If you intend to do money laundering, get yourself some buyers first, buy the items they want with your fraud CC, ask them to pay you via egold. Why egold? because there's no charge back
  Now you ready.

**This post is not my own , i just copied from net.
A virtual credit card (VCC) behaves the same way as a traditional credit card does. The only difference is that you can only use it online.
 There are many services that provide you a virtual credit card so that you can use it without having to attach your bank account or going through any complex process. Entropay, was a similar service which provided free virtual cards to the users. 
You just needed to create an account to receive a free virtual credit card of your own, but it stopped the service due to users registering just to misuse it. 
It now requires users to load their accounts with some money before they can get a VCC. The site I'm going to introduce to you today not only behaves the same way as Entropay, but also gives you your own free VCC just after registering on the site.

Note>>You need to provide your telephone number to the site. It calls you to verify your identity.

Sign Up on the site. Make sure that you provide your real phone number since you'll receive a call on your phone.


  • Press on Call me. You'll receive a call on your phone. While on the phone, you'll need to enter a personal 4 digit pin. That same PIN will be asked every time you try to login on the site.

  • Now log in to the site. (The password is the PIN number that you had entered on your phone i.e. on step 2)

  • It will ask you to enter your name and email address. Fill up the form and click on Save.

[Image: xGok3.jpg]

  • Just after pressing Save, you'll get your Virtual Credit Card

[Image: ffUx4.jpg]

This post i did not write my own, I just searched it on net, if you find it as copyright issue please comment i will try to fix it soon.