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Adsense Black Hat Method


Black Hat method to make money

Black Hat method to make money

Hi guys, I have already told you some popular waysto earn money, in this method all are based on white hat. But today, I am sharing a black hat method. Here we will use YouTube + Google AdSense to make some money using black hat strategy, simply AdSense black hat method.  Why I am calling this method as Grey hat method? Because in this method your Google account will never banned that’s mean it is not one time method and other hand you don’t need to wait too long to make few dollars, as you have done in the case of blogging, neobux etc.

Before I start please note these two points.
1. Although this method will never ban your AdSense account but for worst case please don’t use an existing (having some money on it) account.
2. This method is investment free but for faster result you may invest some money.

Basic Requirements:

1. A 6 months old YouTube account. Never use it for spamming, by spamming I meant never upload too much video at once.
2. Of course an AdSense account related to that YouTube account.
3. Some money for faster result.

Black Hat method to Earn Money from Google

Adsense Black Hat Method

1. Make a YouTube account on the niche car crashes, dash cams and security cams, that’s mean your video should be based on car crashes.
Then link your YouTube account with AdSense and enable monetization.

2. Now search for some interesting Dash cam, security cam footage of car crashes on the internet and download them.
 Extremely important: Do not download videos of car crashes or robberies/potentially viral which has been recorded by a pedestrian/amateur videographer with his camera.

3. If required, edit videos using some basic video editor. Use only copyright free audios in your video.
 Now upload these video on your YouTube account. Don’t forget to put some interesting name as well as interesting thumbnails for every video. Put tags (keywords) and also use some good combination of keywords in your video description. (Ask me, I will give you a basic guide of how you can rank your YouTube videos?)
Note>> don’t spam and upload 100 videos at once. You monetization can be disabled.

Adsense Black Hat Method

4. Now you need to promote an extremely interesting video, from your upload. As I already mentioned you need to make some small investment. This step will make all the difference, how much and how faster you will earn?
There are many platforms where you can start promoting your videos, but I will prefer Google Adwords.

Black Hat method to make money

Remember: If your video is very interesting, people will automatically like and share it. Then you will not need any further promotion of your video. In some days, YouTube will begin to show your video as suggestion for others. You will also notice that your other videos are also getting good views without any promotion.

Adsense Black Hat Method

5. When promoted video reach to minimum 10000 views, stop promoting it. Now it will now get views naturally from shares, YouTube suggestion etc. You can now also choose another video and repeat the process. Nah! Don’t stop uploading videos, upload frequently.

6. Believe me in few days your channel will get thousands of subscribers. Once your channel has a few thousand subscribers YouTube will start featuring your channel in suggested channels.  Now it is your time.

Adsense Black Hat Method

Why an old account?

The main reason behind using an old account is: If someone uses his new account for YouTube, and enable monetization. The all videos he has uploaded will go under review. That’s mean your uploaded Dash cam, security cam footage etc video also go under review, her you will stuck. Your monetization application will be rejected, no monetization, no money.
In other hand in an old (6 month old), clean account, monetization get easily approved.


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