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How to gain Respect as a Hacker among your friends?


Top 10 ways to look like a Hacker and become popular among friends

Hi friends, as we know that being a hacker is not a simple job, it requires practice and enough knowledge of programming. But everyone wants to be hacker without learning and facing problems. Sorry I can’t make you a hacker in a day, but, yes! I can help you in pretending as a hacker. If you follow some steps as I am going to describe, you will gain respect of hacker in your friends group. Let’s start.

1. Type Like a Hacker Hackertyper

Hackertyper is a really interesting prank website that gives you the ability to be like a hacker. Open in your browser and type anything. Press alt button twice for showing Access Granted message in your Browser like this.

2. Change Command Prompt Color and type some Commands

Change Command Prompt text color into green by typing color a command in CMD Program. You can also change background color and transparency of command prompt program from its settings.

3. Steal the Saved Login Password from Chrome Browser

Type chrome://settings/passwords in your URL address bar and press enter. Now you see the all saved passwords list in your chrome browser. With this simple trick, you can simply hack saved login password in any chrome browser.

4. View Asterisk Password from Inspect Element Trick

At website login pages, you can view masked passwords (******)by changing the password input type as text from inspect element in your browser. This method works in all modern browsers.

5. Make virus from Notepad Tricks

You can easily create notepad virus that shut down your friend computer with some message in a specific time.
Open Notepad and Type:-
@echo off
Shutdown.exe -s -t 10
msg * I don’t like you SHIT!
Save it as “shutdownvirus.bat”.

6. Install Keylogger in your Friend Computer

A keylogger is any piece of software or hardware that has the capability to intercept and record input from the keyboard of a compromised machine. – Kaspersky
When your friend types anything in a computer including passwords, keylogger program captures all type of keystrokes and save this data in computer HDD or send it to specified email.  You can be like a hacker from this trick.

7. Download Zanti in Android Phone

Know more about Zanti tool from below article.

8. Cut Off other User WiFi- Internet Connection from Netcut program in PC

If you are not a geek user you must know this trick. You can kick off another user from the wifi connection and eat all bandwidth with the help of this software. Netcut program is designed to find how many devices are currently in your wifi network.
You can also save your computer internet from netcut attack with the help of Netcut defender software.

9. Install Rainmeter Desktop in your Computer

Rainmeter is the best desktop utility for Window PC users. You can turn your Window PC into a new personalization computer that looks like a hacker computer with the help of Rainmeter software.
Download Rainmeter Software from its official website.
Don’t forget to download Rainmeter Skins for your Computer.

10. Change Computer Password without Knowing old Password

Hell Yeah, this is the amazing trick for people want to look like a hacker and want some really hacking tricks for showing off with their friends.
You can change any running computer password without knowing the old password in Window 7 and Window 10. Read full article here


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