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How To Schedule Whatsapp Messages On Android?

Numerous of you will agitate to know that you can schedule your WhatsApp message to address them later by just setting the timing to send the message. In this post, I will tell you the process to do so. Whatsapp is an enormous messaging network and is very much prominent worldwide.

This app doesn’t implement the feature for scheduling any message to send it following but Now you can really do this by just simple and easy steps.  In this method, you will set the timing to send the message from WhatsApp using and the another app. And that app will transmit that message from WhatsApp at the timing you just have set. So just follow the subsequent steps to Schedule Whatsapp Messages On Android.

How To Schedule Whatsapp Messages On Android


Steps to Schedule Whatsapp Messages On Android:

  1. First download and install the WhatsApp Scheduling app on your android device. (Note your android must be rooted as explained in requirements above).
  2. once you’re done, open the app. It will ask you for Superuser permission to proceed. Now grant it the super user access. Next, Click on the icon(pencil Icon) in front of Pending messages and select Contact which can either be a person or group and type your message and set the scheduling time.
  3. Now finally, click Add  and put up your desire contact and a message following it. And your message will be listed under Pending messages tab and will be sent according to set time by you. You can also refer screenshot given below. 
  4. And That’s it! You are ready with a scheduled WhatsApp message. You can have a complete look at your pending messages that are still to be delivered. You just need to open the app to have a complete look at your pending messages.
  5. So higher is the method for How To Schedule Whatsapp Messages On Android. I am assured that you will undoubtedly like this awesome method. As it will help you a lot like when you want to wish someone his/her birthday at night.
You just need to schedule the greeting message and time to 12:00 and the message will be send at the same time and there will be no need to wake up at 12:00 or  wait for 12’o clock to message a person similarly this will help you a lot to recall something to someone by just scheduling the message. Don’t forget to share this cool post and Must leave a comment if you face any problem at any step.