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5 Brilliant Tips To Make Your Blog like A Pro Website

Replace ordinary blog to Pro blog

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Greeting to my all friends,
I hope you all upload a responsive template in your blog, but you find some disorder in you website. Lets take an example of About Me section of your website, there should be your photograph with your Bio, But by default there is another photo and description of other website.
So it is necessary to replace this description with you own. So today i m going to share how will you remove/replace default data of template?

How to customize blogger template?

#1 Multiple Gadget/widget: 

Multiple Widget
Multiple popular post widget in template

If you upload a template, you will see there are many unnecessary gadget in you blog. Lets take an example of multiple post gadget, more than one Popular post Gadget would seen in your blog. This multiple popular post will give unpleasant look to your blog. So its necessary to unnecessary popular post gadget from your blog. Its recommended to use only one popular post. This will make your blog load faster as well as give an attractive look.

Remove Unnecessary Gadget

  1. Fist log in to your blog with your gmail account.
  2.  Now go to "layout" at the right side, here you will see your all gadget. Here  you can add or delete your all gadget. 
  3. Click on edit option of those widget/popular post widget which are unnecessary. 
  4. Here you will see remove option, click on it. In popular post gadget you can also edit how many post should be shown in popular post section .
  5. If you want to re-adjust you popular post gadget, use drop down(use you mouse to drop it another place) and click in save arrangement.

Note>> It is advisable to place popular post where it is easily visible to your visitor, since your popular post section contain best article of you blog, which will make busy your visitor with your website and give strong temptation to visitors read more article. Popular Post section really take important place that visitor will bookmark your blog or not, may he return or not. So think twice where you going to put your popular post section(gadget).

These are some places where popular can be easily seen.
1.Right or Left side of you Homepage
2.Just after your post.
3.Between your post.

Remove Ads widget

example of Ads on template
example of ads on template
When we apply a free template to our blog, demo ads widget are installed in it. So its really important to remove them.
Follow above step, to remove ads gadget from your blog. 

#2 Rename Items on Drop Down Menu

Drop Down Menu
Disorder sub menu

Many of you choose a template for its attractive drop down menu, but when you apply this template your blog you may find results are different.
Suppose your blog is about Particular sport but you drop down showing menu like Free software, Blog template etc. It will look so odd on you blog.

Just follow these step to makeover Drop down menu.
1.Go to you blog's template section and click on Edit Html
2. Now search (ctrl+f) for those texts which are in your dropdown menu, such as Download.
3. Keep searching until you find some codes which look like

<div id="cssmenu">
<li class="active"><a href="index.html"><span>Home</span></a></li>
<li class="has-sub"><a href="#"><span>Software</span></a>
<li class="has-sub"><a href="#"><span>Download</span></a>

Some time there more than one Texts you may find in your search result so , choose such texts from your drop down menu which look some unique. If you don't have knowledge about xml or html language please Don't try to search Home , Contact us or About type text in your search because there bulk of result will outcome.

4. First replace the download type text with you own, e.g. for a status providing blog, replace it with Attitude Status. or whatever you like and replace # with a link.

Take a look on example: Suppose you want to change Download text with Attitude status, so first go to your blog Find your label/tag section and copy the link of this section. Now replace # with this link, when visitor click on Attitude status from menu he will redirected to Attitude status section, see all post having tag Attitude status.

5.Keep changing all text.

#3 Edit About Me Section

Use the same technique mention above, with some minor changes to replace your About me section
  1. First go to you template,click on edit template and search for About Me/Author profile
  2. You will find some highlighted result of About me, search for those About me section having a description (based on your template). 
  3. Now replace the Description with your own, if you find some link replace them too.
  4. Here you may find a image, which you need to replace with your own.In Template, no direct image may used instead of there is a link of image. You need to replace this link with your own image link. If your image is directly form google, use link of that image. About me default image

Note>> Some template allow to edit About me directly from layout, so before proceeding to template must check you layout section.

Put Description of About me

#4 Put you Social Network Links

Social Network section
Social Network section in template                        

This is most important section for your blog, if your know that your blog's 99% traffic came from Social Network(whatsapp,facebook, twitter).Go to stats of your blog and see the traffic source, you will get your answer.
 In social share section you have to fill up links of your social fan pages. You can also add you social account link to this section.
If you don't know about how to create a attractive social share section, please wait for few days. I will share a brief post about this.

#5 Put attractive Logo and Favicon 

You really agree with me, that you have seen this
Default Favicon of blogger
  logo in every blog, so they don't look like a pro blog.
If your blog don't have an logo it will not look like a pro website. So create a attractive logo for you website which define your blog best. There are many online site which can create a free logo for you, or you may take help of Photoshop, picsart or other photo editor.
Note>> Your Favicon must be square shape and your logo shouldn't be large in size otherwise it will make your blog non responsive (take up to one minute to load).

I am assuming you are ready with your logo and fevicon.

  1. Go to your layout section, click in Your blog name(Header).
  2. Add Logo in your blog
    Add logo to your blog
  3. A pop out will show upload option, choose your logo from computer and upload it. You can choose many option like where you logo would be shown?, Should it has also description of website? etc.
  4. Now time to upload favicon, in layout section click in favicon and upload your Square favicon and its done.
There are more tips for your blog, please keep visiting. :)