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How to hack or Bypass Window 7,8,10 Admin Log In with a USB 2016 ?

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Hack Window's Admin Log In with a USB 2016 

Without saying anything i m going to show you how to bypass admin's log in menu in window os. I just try it to simple.
Step 1: Download the zip folder containing Kon-Boot and extract it to wherever you.

[CLICK HERE] to Download

[Image: AxvOmsV.png]

Step 2: Open the extracted folder and you should see:

[Image: 6Verkgk.png]

open up 'kon-bootUSB'

Step 3: Plug in your USB and run 'usb_install_RUNASADMIN.bat' as a Administrator. (Make sure you run it as a administrator!)

The file should look something like:
[Image: lOophda.png]

Step 4: You will get a pop up saying:

[Image: 80zFq3R.png]

(Make sure that only the USB on which you want to install the bypass on is plugged in.)
Click ok.

Step 5: Verify that the USB is the correct one plugged in and click OK.

[Image: 8EFxdeC.png]

After clicking OK a message should appear saying that your USB is ready.

[Image: C38Oad2.png]

Step 6: Now you can go to your targeted machine and plug the USB in. 
Shut the targeted machine down and power it up with the USB plugged in.

Step 6: As the computer turns on hit the F1 or F2 key depending on how your computer is configured to enter its BIOS.

Step 7: Navigate to the boot settings and change that the computer boots off the USB flash drive.

BIOS looks something like this depending on your machine.
[Image: nw6e5Hl.gif]

Step 8: Save the changes and exit out of BIOS. 

Step 9: Let the computer boot and if everything is done correctly you should get this screen: 

[Image: Eu74Ffd.png]

after a second or so on that screen it will ask you if you want to boot 

Kon-Boot (Old)

Make sure that Kon-Boot is selected and hit enter.

Step 10: The computer should then boot normally and bring you to the log in screen.

[Image: sQXt3we.png]

Select the admin user and instead of typing a password leave the password box blank and hit Enter.
Done !

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