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How to Add 1000 Members in Whatsapp Group?

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Hello Friends,
Check out this new WhatsApp Hacking trick by using this trick you can add unlimited number of user or member to WhatsApp Group .

How to Add 1000 Members in Whatsapp Group

Requirement :

1. Latest WhatsApp Installed
2. Rooted Access.
3. Root Enable ES File Explorer 

if you complete above requirement then just follow the steps and break the whatsapp group limit .

Step 1 : Open ES File Explore . Make You sure that root access is on .

Step 2 : Open the Following Directory and Edit the WhatsApp_Preferences.

Path of Directory : data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/

Step 3 : Edit the WhatsApp_Preferences.xml File using the Editor.

Once you reach the above mentioned location, what you have to do is modify the WhatsApp_Prefrences.xmlfile, Below is the part of the file which you will have to modify so that you can add more than the existingwhatsapp group limit. Look for

“int name=”participants_size_limit” value=”100″ and replace the 100 by the maximum number of members/participants you would like to have in your Group, Here I’ve replaced by 1000 because I want 1000 members in the WhatsApp Group, You can keep the number depending on your needs. After changing it, save the file and close it.

Step 4 : Restart the device .

Step 5: Open the WhatsApp and create new group and add members, you will see that the member limit is 1000 maximum participants .
See the Proof:


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