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wifi hacking tool for windows

Hack wifi in window pc

Hellow  friends, there are many people who are using window OS in their laptop or pc but they are still suffering from same problem of a huge list of  secured wifi. Whenever they google for hacking those wifi either they forced to install Linux on their pc or they stuck in some survey when they try to download wifi hacking tool. In this post all tool are survey free and well explained so you can use them without any problem.

Wifi hacking tool for window 32 and 64 bit

mHotspot is a free software for creating WiFi hotspot in your Window PC. With this software, you can share your Computer net connection with other device like mobile and laptop.

mHotspot is a free software comes with lots of features:
  • Connect up to 10 devices to the hotspot.
  • You can see the Login info of your victim.
  • You can set your own hotspot name without any restrictions.
  • Share any type of Internet Connection(LAN, Ethernet,3G/4G, Wifi etc).
  • Android phones, ipads, PDAs, tablet-pcs and other devices can access the internet.
  • See the details of the connected device(Name, Ip Address, Mac Address).
  • See the network usage(Upload and Download Speed, Transfer Rates).
  • Secures your wireless hotspot with WPA2 PSK password security.
  • Set max. number of devices that can be connected.
 Download mHotspot for Window

Like name you can view the history of your wifi events from this software. With this software, you can check when your wifi is connected and when disconnected.
If someone connects your PC to unknown wifi,  you can get it from this wifi software.
 WiFi History View

This is one of my favourite software for windows. With this app, you can get the all info about any wifi like channel name,mac address,security and lots more.
If your neighbour hides wifi SSID, you can get the hidden SSID from this software.
 Download inSSIDer for Window

CommView is a powerful network monitor and analyzer designed for LAN administrators, security professionals, network programmers, home users…virtually anyone who wants a full picture of the wifi traffic flowing through a PC or LAN segment.
 Download Commview for Window
5. WhoisonmyWiFi 
Know how many devices are are currently connected with your wifi network in real time. With this free window software you know how many users and devices are currently connected with your wifi network with Computer and Device name.
 Download WhoisonmyWiFi for Window
6. Minishare
Transfer data between two laptops wirelessly or lan with this software. Minishare is a lightweight and simple but powerful program for transferring data between two computers.
 Download Minishare for Window

Recover your WiFi Password from this trick. This is a free software which will show you all your saved WiFi passwords. If you forgot or lost password to your wireless network – this tool is for you.This tool works fine in windows 7 ,8 and 10.
 Download WiFi password revealer for Window
8. BSNL Bandwidth Meter
Monitor your WiFi Bandwidth usage in real time. With this software you can keep records of your bandwidth data. This software helps you , if you use limited internet data plan.
You can easily know how much data you used and how much data you have left in your internet plan from this software.
 Download Shaplus Bandwidth Meter for Window

9. Aircrack-ng
Aircrack is one of the most popular software on internet for hacking wifi password from windowsand linux. You can check your WiFi security from this tool.
With the help of this wifi password hacking tool, you can easily crack WEP and WPA-PSK (WPA 1 and 2). Aircrack-ng is command line tool, know more about this tools and how it works from its Official Website.
Aircrack-ng for Windows
Do you find that there is software is missing there is only 9 software that i mentioned.last software i will share soon with a tutorial. :)