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Top 50 hacking pdf for newbie

Hellow, hacking is not really an easy task, you know in movies they show hacker as a boy playing with his laptop, he just type some code on black with moving green text on it, and boom magic, he hacked a whole network. But in real,hacker read , learn and apply it live. They learn whole system before they hack, yeah it has no sense in saying that i can hack a system without knowing its backdoor.
If you are a new user then you really never want learn so much programming language and networking...etc
So i m going to share a huge list of pdf books which contain short trick of hacking. Yes you don't need to learn all stuff, just read pdf and apply it real life and feel like a hacker .

It is really impossible to read all these book at once so i m just adding a tag line above the book name, which a like for newbie. try to read them.

48.Hacking facebook (french hack code) (recommended)
49.Social hacking by tricks (recommended)
50.Hacking Android app hacking

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