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How to make phishing site in 5 step?

This tutorial is all about facebook phishing. The only best known way to hack facaebook account is Phishing because it is so simple, easy and 100 % working.

What we need : 
1. A web hosting site (domain).
2. facebook script.
3. And skills to force your victim to login in you site.

Step 1: First you must need an account for a free webhosting service like, 000webhost,com or You can also get your own free domain at

Step 2: Go to your webhost and  choose any name for your site like

Step 3 : Now login to your account and go to CONTROL PANEL >> SITE MANAGEMENT >>                 FILE MANAGER>> HTDOCS OR C_HTML and delete all data from folder.

Note >> The above step followed by . For different webhost site path can be different use your brain.
If you are beginner then try it is simple to use.

Step 4: Downloads this zip file and extract.

Step 5:  Now uploads  three files (index.html, login.php and log.txt ) that you download in step 4.

Done ! you have your own phishing site. Now sent your phishing link (your site name) to your victim and force him to login.

Note >> Go to your webhost to see email and password of your victim. Your log.txt contain email and password.

Use link shorter to short your phishing link.

Click here to download :Phishing script

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