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Hack clash of clans via wapka phishing

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How to make clash of clans phishing site

clash of clans phishing site

Hi guys, hacker not only enjoy breaking systems, sometime hacker also enjoy game, ah correct me hacker also enjoy hacking a game. What if you can get other gamer's score, more clearly if you can have other player's coc village. Yes it is possible with the help of phishing. Today i am gonna show you how to make phishing of coc in wapka.
Sometime hacking is phishing people in your net, with your skills.
 I am assuming you already know various kind of phishingpopular on internet like facebook phishing, gmail phishing blah blah...
Let's continuous this series of phishing, since it is very easy even a small kid can perform such phishing attack with his mobile. All tedious part on such phishing is convincing victim to signup, which can be easily done by social engineering. The only disadvantage of phishing is very people know such kind of scam so not everyone will trap in your net. But never underestimate the phishing, if it is used with some skills. Anyway i leave all this part on you, and show you how to make phishing page of coc? For simplicity i am using wapka, there other method to make phishing.

Note: It is almost impossible to hack/crack coc. There is no online site which can hack coc and provide your thousands of gems for free. All sites about coc hacking are fake. Never believe on such sites. Yes, xmod and private server may help you a bit.

Clash of Clans phishing tutorial

Step 1: Of course you need a wapka account, so register a new Wapka account or login with your existing account.

Step 2: Now create a new site, it is recommended don't use any existing site, because existing phishing link won't let victim to believe in your site. So create a new site with tempting url, such clash of clan hacking....

Then click on Manage.

Step 3: Now you have 2 modes available (admin mode and user mode), Click on Admin mode.

Step 4: As you click on Admin mode you redirects to a Blank page. It’s blank because till now you did nothing with your newly created site. You need to add codes in your site.

At the Lower right most corner you have a link ::EDIT SITE(#):: click on it.

clash of clans phishing code

Step 5: Now click on (WML/XHTML code).

clash of clans phishing code

Step 6:  Copy all the coc phishing code and paste it into (WML/XHTML code) box and click on Submit button.

clash of clans phishing code

Coc phishing script:

Step 7: It’s all over now send your site link which was created at Step 2 to your victim. Since most never believe on those sites which are ending at .wapka. So you need to short this link and send shorted link to your victim.

As your victim login to your page his/her E-mail and Password sends to your E-mail by which you have created your account at wapka at first step. Now you’ve your victim's email and his village ha ha ha..

Cyber war begins! Indian Hacker Hack Pakistani site.


Cyber War Begins! Pakistani Airport Websites Hacked by Indian Hackers

indian hacker image

I think many of you heard how Pakistani hackers hacked Indian National Security Guard (NSG) website. The hacker even posted anti-India content and a profanity-laden message against the Indian prime minister. This action of Pakistani hackers declares a cyber-war.

Hacker injected ransomware

indian hacker hakc pakistani site image

As we are busy celebrating the New Year, Indian and Pakistani hackers were busy in the cyber war. So, in return Indian hackers have hacked and injected ransomware (a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid) on over three Pakistan airport websites.

Indian Hackers have claimed that they have hacked Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan International and Karachi Airport website:


Indian hackers not only managed to hack the website they have also injected it with a ransomware which restricted them to restore the websites. Indian hackers have demanded Bitcoins in exchange of unlocking the websites.

As reported by India Today, Indian hackers told Mail Today that last time the money they got for unlocking the websites of Pakistan was donated to needy kids and this time they will not share the key to unlocking the sites.

One of the Indian Hacker told Mail Today “We have been closely monitoring attacks coming from Pakistan. They have been engulfed in spreading hatred and abusing India and government. We have control of many Pakistani websites and each attack will get a stricter reply from our side.

Cyber Experts believes that hacking airport websites can be used to get information about flights, which can have serious consequences. Leaking the details is also dangerous.

Kislay Choudhary, Cyber-crime expert, said “Indian hackers have only replied after observing malicious intention of Pakistani hackers. Techies across the border targeted Indian sites result of which NSG’s website was hacked. Such fights are common but now the intensity of attacks has increased many folds as hackers from both the countries are targeting crucial websites.

Comment your view against such cyber wars.

Freecharge carding method 2017

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Freecharge carding trick

Freecharge carding method 2017

Hi guys, cardings are all about using vulnerabilities for your profit. Today I will tell you, how you can card freecharge with the help of Snapdeal. I think everyone know that spandeal partnered with freecharge and Snapdeal refund in freecharge. This all knowledge is the base of our carding tutorial.
This is not direct freecharge carding instead with the help of snapdeal but we can say it is freecharge carding. If you are new in carding or want to know more detail of carding read here.

  Why freecharge carding?

Freecharge carding trick

 As I’ve already posted so many tutorial of carding, so why we are now going with freecharge. Actually carding freechage is much easier than other, this is not only the reason to card freecharge but there are many other useful features of Freecharge. Following are some benefits of using Freecharge.

·        As a wallet
·        Transferable to Bank account
·        Whatsapp payments
·        Split bill options
·        Chat and pay

Freechage is also used at over 10000+ online and offline sites such as café coffee day, Bookmyshow, Mcdonald’s and snapdeal etc, so you can later use freecharge for shopping too.

Freecharge wallet carding tutorial

Freecharge carding trick latest

As i already mention above that freechage and snapeal are partner. It is not only reason of choosing snapdeal, snapdeal provide refund when customers cancel their order. So we are going use these feature of snapdeal as follow.

1. First you need to place an order and pay with card i.e snapdeal carding.

2. After carding Snapdeal product, just cancel the order.

Freecharge wallet carding

3. You would get a message of your cancellation reasons. Just write any obvious reason like delay in delivery. After that they ask for refund in Freecharge. Just say Yes.

4 You will get full of your money on Freecharge
Now you can use freecharge for recharges, bills, shopping or simply transfer this money to your bank account.

Freecharge wallet carding  image

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How to make Kali Live USB/pen drive? | Ethical Hacking part-2

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Install Kali Live USB or (Live USB Persistence, Optional)

How to make Kali Live USB/pen drive

Hi guys, in my previous and first post about ethicalhacking, I started a small chat about Ethical Hacking. Before you start EthicalHacking Tutorials, you need dragon in your computer that is Kali Linux. I am assuming everyone know what is Kali Linux? And it’s importance in hacking. There are many methods to run Kali Linux in your computer, I will explain as many as possible but I personally I prefer using a live boot USB/pend drive, without making any change in your computer. Following are the reason for using a live USB/pen drive.
You use maximum all your system resources such as CPU, RAM, GPU, etc.
 No space of hard drive used less chance to crash your system.
 Portable: You can take your Kali to everywhere.
Remember in this method you can either make a simple live USB or live USB with Persistence which is optional. The difference is only of saving changes, in persistence all change in Kali as well as your data would save, in other hand in simple live USB, changes never take place. Choose according to your requirements.

  1.    A pen drive of at least 4GB
  2.   Kali Linuximage
  3.   UniversalUSB installer

Make Live USB of Kali

First download a Kali image. Download 32/64 bit ISO according to your system. If you not sure about your system download 32 bit, it work for both system type.

Run Universal USB Installer, select image of Kali where you have downloaded it, and then choose the drive of you USB drive/pen drive.

How to make Kali Live USB/pen drive

That'll wipe/format your whole pend drive data, so make sure back up everything you had there before proceeding.
Now click on Create, then Yes, and it'll do the whole process by itself.

How to make Kali Live USB/pen drive

How to make Kali Live USB/pen drive

If everything went as expected, you'll see this, and you have a live USB.

You live pen drive is ready to use. Now reboot your computer, press F12 (in my case) and boot up from your USB drive. Choose the option "Live USB". In few minutes Kali will be booted up.

 Either you can run this directly or you can set up it as persistence.

Note>> When you run it as live your data will not save for further while in persistence you all data will save in pen drive. Your USB drive must have 8 GB+ of storage space.

Making live Persistence Kali Linux

Preparing the Partition

1. Download MiniTool Partition Wizard Free, install it, run it.

2. Choose Launch Application. Then right click on your USB drive, and click on Move/Resize.

3. Use the small black arrow keys to shrink the partition size. It will leave a bit of storage space free.

 4. A new big grey chunk of un-allocated space as appeared! Right click on it and click on Create. 

Pick these options:

a. Create as: Primary
b. File System: Ext4
c. Partition Label: persistence

5. Then click OK. Now click on Apply (upper left corner), and just wait for it to complete the tasks.

Configuring the Partition

Once the partition manager finished, reboot your computer and boot up from your USB drive. Choose the option "Live USB Persistence", and when it's booted up,

1. Open a Terminal and type these commands:

fdisk -l

This command determines which partition of your drive you'll use.
Remember your drive had a FAT32 partition and a Ext4 (Linux) one.

2. Make a directory on the file system to mount your USB by typing command:

mkdir -p /mnt/my_usb
3. Mount the partition on the directory you made by typing:

mount /dev/sdc2 /mnt/my_usb

4. Add a configuration file to enable persistence by typing

echo "/ union" > /mnt/my_usb/persistence.conf

5. Unmount the partition and reboot

umount /dev/sdc2 && reboot

That’s all done, now you all data will saved in you pen drive. Any changes and configuration makes in OS will remain same in next boot up.

Now you have your own Kali Linux. Let’s hacking begins…

Free Ethical Hacking Tutorials for beginner | part 1

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Free Ethical Hacking Guide 

Free Ethical Hacking Tutorials for beginner

Hi guys, as i promised for hacking tutorials. Today i am starting free ethical hacking guide, although you may not get any certificate i.e. C|EH certificate. I am trying to write all tutorial in simple language, and i am supposing all of you are begging or simply window user, haven't any experience with command interference. If some of you know basic information, you can simply skip.

Read this first:
All works in the "Ur trick world hacking tutorials for beginner" is provided for non-commercial use. These materials may not be reproduced for sale in any form. You can't copy it for your personal blog or for your personal channel. The "Ur trick world hacking tutorials" is an open community effort and if you find value in this effort, we do ask your support us through a donation, or sponsorship.


Free Ethical Hacking Tutorials for beginner

Welcome to the Ur trick world hacking tutorials! This guide is designed to encourage beginner to be well-rounded and resourceful. The main focus of this guide is, to increase the hacking curiosity in you and to guide you progressively through your hacker education to help you grow into a responsible role, capable of determining security and privacy problems and making proper security decisions for yourself.
While hacking is fun but as well as it is illegal, so it’s your own responsibility to use this information in right way.

Remember: Hacking is illegal and I am not increasing any one directly or indirectly for hacking or other cyber crime. You can use information provided by me to test your system only.
Now without saying much let's move our first step for learning.

Feature of this tutorials:

·        Easy to learn
·        Free of cost  
·        No tools required (A pc and internet connection may require)
·        In simple language (Actually I am very poor in English he he he)
·        Practical based (Video tutorial available)
·        Many useful ethical hacking tutorials.

 What is ethical hacking?

The science of testing your computers and networks for security vulnerabilities and fixing the holes before the bad guys get a chance to exploit them.

Ethical hacking also known as penetration testing or white hat hacking involves the same tools, tricks and techniques that hacker use but with one major difference. Ethical hacking is legal. Ethical is performed with targets permission.

Who is ethical hacker?

what is ethical hacker?

An ethical hacker possesses the skills, mindset and tools of hackers but is also trust worthy. Simply ethical hacker perform the hack as security test for their own/companies system.

Why ethical hacking?

I hope you now understand what is ethical hacking and what ethical hacker perform. Now a question arise is why ethical hacking? Why ethical hacker needed?
Information is one of the most valuable assets of an organization/company. Keeping information secure can protect an organization’s image and save an organization a lot of money.
Hacking can lead to loss of business for organizations that deal in finance such as PayPal. Ethical hacking puts them a step ahead of the cyber criminals who would otherwise lead to loss of business.

Not crashing your system

Free Ethical Hacking Tutorials for beginner

One of the biggest mistakes, i have seen is newbie try to hack their own system and crash their systems. The main reason behind this is poor planning and information.
To avoid crashing your own system, make sure you only perform those hack which are demonstrated here. Not perform any hack till you get any working proof or confidential assure form author.

That’s all you need to understand before learning ethical hacking. Now question is: will you able to hack a system after learning these tutorials?  How many days are required to learn all extra extra…
Remember: hacking is a combination of Knowledge and creativity simply called art. Hacking can never be performed in Graphic user interface where you click next >next>next. Everyone wants they have software where you put mobile number or email of victim and in return get his Facebook password. C’mon brother hacking is not only about hacking Facebook account J.

 Learning, practicing and testing, these three steps will help you to become hacker.
I can only guide you how some basic attacks hackers perform, how they combine some simple tools to hack a system.  I will also mention some of best forum and site to learn new tricks.
 Next post will provide you, your sword J.

Comments your ideas and share with your friends.

How to use whatsapp as an Assistant


How to Use WhatsApp As Search Engine/Assistant

How to use whatsapp as search engine

Hi guys as everyone know whatsapp is king of instant messaging apps, no matter how many competitors growing every day, whatsapp still famous among people. Google allo is fresh competitor, having lots of new feature. One of the most attractive features is Google assistant which can do many things for you like hotel booking, Goolge searching etc. So I thought, let’s add a new feature on whatsapp, without adding any extra app/software on your phone. Do you know you can use whatsapp as search engine or as your assistant? It’s time to make your whatsapp app as an assistant. This method is very short and simple, no technical detail required. Let’s see how it works?

How To Activate WhatsApp Search Engine Bot On Your Phone?

Step 1.  I don’t need to say that whatsapp must be installed in your phone. First create a new contact with any name using this number “8015984514”
How to use whatsapp as search engine trick image
Step 2. Open whatsapp and create a “New group” using this number. Name this group with Assistant or Search Engine. Since it is your private assistant so don’t add other people on this group.
How to use whatsapp as search engine trick image

How to use whatsapp as search engine trick image
Step 3. Once the group has been created, your Search engine/assistant is ready. You will also receive a detail message from assistant.
 How to Search: Now you just need to search for your queries in the Group itself simply enter the message “Search (Your Topic) and then hit the send button.
You can also use following codes to improve your search result.


·     For Wikipedia information, type Wiki SEARCHTERM and send to the group.
·   To join the English news channel, type +NEWS and send it to the group (To unsubscribe type -NEWS )
·   You can know the meaning of a word, type +DICT WORD.
·    To join Football or Cricket channel, type +CRICKET or +FOOTBALL.
·   To play a GK quiz, simply send +GK to the group.
Don’t forget to share.

Adsense Black Hat Method


Black Hat method to make money

Black Hat method to make money

Hi guys, I have already told you some popular waysto earn money, in this method all are based on white hat. But today, I am sharing a black hat method. Here we will use YouTube + Google AdSense to make some money using black hat strategy, simply AdSense black hat method.  Why I am calling this method as Grey hat method? Because in this method your Google account will never banned that’s mean it is not one time method and other hand you don’t need to wait too long to make few dollars, as you have done in the case of blogging, neobux etc.

Myntra Carding Method 2016

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Myntra Carding Tutorial

Myntra carding method 2016

Hi guys, I am back with new Myntra carding tutorial.  
I already shared many working carding tutorials for beginner such as paytm carding, aliexpresscarding, bookmyshow carding, Google wallet carding etc. The one I left is Myntra, so today you will know how to card or myntra carding method. Carding Myntra is not so hard, you just need some basic knowledge of carding, a credit card and myntra carding method.

Step by step Myntra Carding Tutorial

Step 1: Firs connect socks with the country where from your credit card belongs. If you are not sure about sock, rdp and hacked credit card, learn here.

Step 2: Go to Myntra, if you are new you may need to register. After successful registration, select any product less than 5,000 Rs.

Step 3: Now move to check out section. Here select Credit/Debit Card Purchase. Here you need your purchased or hacked credit card. You can buy credit card from these sites.

Step 4: When you will be moved to payment section, you might be asked to registration, click on register later.

Step 5: Your order is successfully done.

Step 6: You can also get cash on your account. Got to “my orders” and cancel your order to get refund. You will get refund instantly at “My Cashback Point”.

Myntra carding method 2016 image

Remember some points should remember in myntra carding:
                     One credit card limit is 4999rs only, so always select product of cost less than 5,000.
                     You can use more than one credit card to add extra cash. Using two credit cards you will be able to add up to 40,000 cash back points.

Don’t forget to read howto become black hat pro carder